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Sharp Calculator is developed and manufactured in Japan which guaranteed its users of a high-class standard computing experience and results. For more than thirty years now, SHARP Calculators has been a reliable partner of both schools and businesses in field of mathematics. Its quality, durability, performance, style and after-sales services made the brand as the most trusted calculator in the Philippines.

As a way of thanking its customers for their continuous patronage of the product, three years ago SHARP Calculators through Collins International Trading Corporations launched SHARP Minds Program, an advocacy that aims to help Mathematics education in the Philippines. Partnership with the two biggest Mathematics organizations in the country, Mathematics Trainers Guild, Philippines (MTG) and Mathematics Teachers.

Association of the Philippines (MTAP) helps the campaign to reach the schools easily. As partners SHARP has been the major sponsor of MTG’s activities such as SHARP-MTG Mathematics Symposium, Math Trail Competitions, Whiz Kid Challenge having one goal which is to recognize the sharpest math minds in the country as well as to transform the pedagogy of mathematics teaching in the Philippines.

Since SHARP Minds Program was able to continuously manage a good rapport to its existing member schools through sponsorship of their yearly Mathematics activities and programs and giving SHARP Excellence Award to those students who exemplify their knowledge in mathematics. Several member schools started to include Sharp Calculators in the students’ “List of Requirements” at the start of the school year, some even partnered with us through consignment of Sharp Calculators in their book stores to make it more convenient for their students.

Today, SHARP Calculators’ network of member schools is continuously growing. With this, SMP will launch new activities that will help us to achieve our objective of transforming the pedagogy of Math education with the optimized use of technology.

What is Sharp Minds Program?

Sharp Minds Program is Sharp Calculators’ advocacy to help improve Math education in the Philippines through a network of Math teachers and schools that is committed to transform the pedagogy of Math education with optimized use of technology*.

Sharp Minds Program aims to promote the value of integrating various technologies and teaching strategies in the modern classroom. It is about developing individuals to be “Sharp-minded” in Mathematics – quick, wise, smart, or being able to expertly and responsibly use technology both in the teaching and learning processes in Math.

*Technology refers to various tools such as computers, programs, tools, calculators, etc. that can enhance both teaching and learning processes in Math.

Who Can Join the Sharp Minds Program?

The Sharp Minds Program is open to all public and private high schools in Metro Manila as well as in key cities in the Philippines with no joining or membership fees to be collected. Since this is Sharp Calculators advocacy, there is no calculator sales required, only the school’s commitment to support and actively participate in the activities of Sharp Minds Program.

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