Sharp Annual Math Symposium
The culminating activity of Sharp Minds Program for the school year. It is a whole-day Math training exclusive to Sharp Minds Program member schools. Topics are:
1. Intensive calculator mathematics
2. Non-traditional mathematics teaching strategies

Math Trail Competition
A Math quiz bee patterned to Amazing Race mechanics. This exciting competition is designed for the top Math students of Sharp Minds Program member schools.

Calculator Mathematics Workshop
A two-hour product demonstration and hands-on workshop on the use of SHARP CALCULATORS in Math classes exclusive for newly recruited Sharp Minds Program member schools’ Math and Science teachers.

Online Forum and Website is Sharp Minds Program’s official website. It is the main communication vehicle of the program where announcements are posted, activities’ photos, news and videos are uploaded, and most importantly, where teachers and students can freely discuss Math matters in the forum panel (exclusive to Sharp Minds Program member schools)

Special Discounts
Sharp Minds Program member schools get special discounts for calculator purchases including scientific calculators, graphing calculator, electronic dictionary, as well as basic calculators.

Sharp Minds Excellence Awards
An exclusive award-giving body for the top Math students of Sharp Minds Program member schools given during recognition or graduation rites.

Sharp Minds Care
A free calculator drive and Math tutorial of the Sharp Minds Program that aims to promote volunteerism among the member schools and its top Math students.

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